The Road EP Release Show

By The Road Foundation (other events)

Saturday, June 7 2014 7:30 PM 9:30 PM

We're excited to share with you this EP that we've been working on for two years. The Road Project is an exciting philanthropic effort that combines music with giving. Proceeds from the project will go to local and international chairites. 


What is The Road?

The Road is the culmination of about two years hard work in the studio and 5 years of dreaming. The song is about being lost, not knowing where to go and also finding your way through life’s troubles. I believe music can change people and the road is about that, how one song changed my life.

What is your inspiration for the song?

The song was inspired by a story I heard while attending a charity event. I don’t remember the details but I remember that there was a boy who lived in an impoverished part of Africa and his life had been torn apart by AIDS. His family had all died to the disease, and all he had left was his older brother. The two boys lived in the woods. One night as they were making their way to the nearest town on a dirt road, the boy’s brother was killed in an accident. The story goes on to tell how the boy ran, in complete darkness, searching for someone, anyone that could help him. When he finally got to the town volunteers that worked for this charity took him in to their orphanage and he was given a better life.

What happened after the event?
  That night I was so impacted by this boys story that I sat in my room praying to God asking why does He let this happen, and most of all asking what I could possibly do to make this boy, or any other person's life better. All I knew how to do was play my guitar and sing stupid melodies.

  I sat there in my room with my guitar, praying, and then I started playing three simple chords; F - C - G. And the first words that came out of my mouth were an attempt to cope with what I had been going through for some months now. “And I’ve been trying so hard, with nothing to show. And I’ve been running so fast, with nowhere to go. But maybe someday I’ll find what I’m looking for, maybe this leads home, so I’m taking this road.”

  By the time I went to bed I had finished writing the meat of the song and it was unlike anything I had written before. Every other song I had written felt meaningless and shallow compared to this one and it just changed the way I looked at and wrote music. I wanted to be an artist who used his words and his melodies to change people, to move people the way music has moved me.

And "The Road Project"?

My goal is to show kids and teens that even though you might seem small you can make a difference. A song can be more than a song, it can be the one thing that completely changes a person. I believe music can change people and people can change the world. People can take the ugliness and make it beautiful. I want to inspire others to use music, and art and any other medium they can to raise their voice and change someones life for the better

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